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Rhett Ashley (also known as Seven in the 90s) is an American singer and composer of alternative electronic music.  In 1994, Rhett Ashley released his first album, titled "All Seven Of Me". A club tour followed in 1995 with the popularity of his electronic songs "Flesh" and "Suck. Disillusioned with the music industry in the middle 90s, Rhett Ashley only performed on rare occasions by 1996. His focus changed in 1997 and he launched House Of Dazzle, a party promotion company. Inspired by the Rave Scene, Industrial and Electronica Music, Fashion and Art - House Of Dazzle became an outlet for young college students and artists to express themselves and get noticed.

House Of Dazzle had a notorious reputation for giving an edge to any event by showcasing the talent of djs, artists, dancers, bands and drag performers. Rhett Ashley sold House Of Dazzle a few years later.


In 2001, Rhett Ashley opened up a children's specialty toy store in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania. When asked about his colorful past as a performer and party promoter in relation to his new business venture, he responded "I'm still making magic. I'm still hosting the party. The audience is just a lot younger now."

The RETRO Project

After a 15 year hiatus, Rhett Ashley has decided to make his music available to the public. Rhett Ashley has been in the studio for the past 3 years recording two albums. "The Retro Project" is coming soon. "B-Sides and D-Lites" will follow.

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